DJ Adam

$110 Minister Services
$290 Per Hour
Travel fees varies
$30 Per Photo
2 Hour Minimum
For services:

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To book, inform us of hours needed.
A minimum deposit of 50%, which is non-refundable, and is due at the time the event is booked.
The balance MUST be paid one week prior to the event, no exceptions. 

Or, the payment can be made in full.
All payments are non-refundable.
Please note: he is in a 500lb power wheelchair. His sound system works indoors, if your event is outside, you will need to provide a PA system.


The Adventures of

Here is the script of the comic book DJ Adam would like to create. If you would be interested please email us at.

1. In the mystical realm of life and nature,

2. I discovered powers, supernaturally,

3. Through the enchanting tale of "Street Shadows",

4. My abilities emerged, a gift of movement and order.

5. Negativity dissolves like the Hamsa's protective force,

6. As my sparkling crown resonates with music's vibrant source.

7. With power and grace, I inspire and uplift,

8. Through melodies and smiles, a magical gift.

9. The speakers are my power's core,

10. A single sound expanding, the universe to explore.

11. Quiet yet mighty, forever moving forward,

12. On positive vibrations, strength and grace are anchored.

13. Around the logo, colored wings breathe in fresh air,

14. Bringing protection, peace, and joy to share.

15. My boots, now brown with sparkling grace,

16. Glimmer like stars, illuminating every space.

17. Antennas of my hands draw power near,

18. Guiding my wheelchair towards the light, without fear.

19. Golden crown, adorned with diamonds so bright,

20. Emblazoned with my logo, a symbol of might.

21. The logo, proudly displayed, embodies the spirit of power and grace,

22. Evoking the ethereal beauty found in every sacred space.

23. In this tale of divine empowerment and celestial might,

24. Together we soar, embracing pure light.




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